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Destination: to discover the lakes and mountains of Lombardy

Destination: alla scoperta dei laghi e le montagne lombarde | rh+ Official Store

Alessandro Sozzi, People of rh+ Ambassador, offers us two breathtaking itineraries that combine the beauty of nature with the challenge of cycling: the Tour of the 8 Lakes and the ring of the most iconic passes of Alta Valtellina. Prepare your gravel or mountain bikes, put on your helmet and let's go!

The Tour of the 8 Lakes

The Tour of the 8 Lakes is a circular route that will take you to discover eight lakes in the Lombardy region. This itinerary runs mainly on smooth dirt roads and dirt roads, perfect for gravel bicycles and mountain bikes. Most of the journey takes place on cycle paths away from traffic, offering a safe and pleasant experience. Those who have already traveled this ring have been enthusiastic about it, praising the tranquility and beauty of the landscapes.

One of the highlights of the route is the climb to Monte Barro (optional), from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the lakes that you will touch during the tour. Being a loop, you can start from any point on the route, making it extremely flexible and accessible.

For those interested, here is the link to the GPX route of Alessandro's Giro degli 8 Laghi .

The Ring of Passes of Alta Valtellina

If you are looking for an even more demanding challenge, the ring of the most iconic passes in Alta Valtellina is the one for you. This route offers various connection possibilities and can be easily reached by train from Milan. For the more intrepid cyclists, it is possible to divide the journey into two days.

The route includes some of the most famous and challenging passes in Italy: Tirano, Mortirolo, Gavia and finally the famous Stelvio pass.

There is also the possibility of adding the Cancano Pass to the route, reaching a total of 5,400 meters of overall altitude difference. This option is reserved for more experienced cyclists looking for a truly memorable adventure.

Preparing for these adventures requires good planning and adequate equipment.

Make sure you have a bike in excellent condition, appropriate clothing for different weather conditions and, of course, a desire to explore. Wear our new Dust T-shirt , versatile and technical at the same time with an extremely comfortable fit and perfect for summer climates thanks to the Morphic Light Mesh fabric which ensures great breathability. The central rear pocket with flap is large enough to store your smartphone and the inevitable energy bar. Pair with the Mtb Short , light and essential in Biomorphic Ultra Strength Adaptive Stretch fabric, resistant and soft with large front pockets equipped with an internal flap to prevent objects from falling out and a cargo pocket with zip for an excellent fit even while pedaling.

Happy cycling and remember: the important thing is to enjoy every moment of the journey!

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